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An adult study course of the Catechism of the Catholic Church will begin on: Monday 3rd of September in Brú Columbanus, Wilton (entrance opposite C.U.H.) at 7.30pm through to 9.30pm. .....


August 2, 2022

Bishop’s statement on Priests’ Appointments and the Introduction of Families of Parishes

Bishop Fintan at a recent diocesan meeting with parishioners and clergy to discuss Families of Parishes. How priests minister in the parishes of the Diocese of Cork and Ross will ...


August 2, 2022

Bishop publishes pastoral letter setting a new direction for parishes in diocese

Bishop Fintan Gavin addressing a recent meeting of parishioners and clergy about planning for the future of parishes. Bishop Fintan Gavin, Bishop of Cork and Ross, has published a pastoral ...


Hope you are all having a safe and enjoyable summer!

On August 4th the Church celebrated the Feast of St. JOHN VIANNEY...Patron Saint of priests...

Words of Pope Francis in Canada on Monday 25th of July:

It may seem easier to force God on people, rather than letting them draw near to God. This is contradictory and never works, because that is not how the Lord operates. He does not force us, he does not suppress or overwhelm; instead he loves, he liberates, he leaves us free.

Sunday 24th of July 2022 is the World day for Grandparents and the Elderly.

"A long life, so the Bible teaches, is a blessing".

Pope Francis

Pope John Paul I beatification set for 4 September.

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We welcome Fr.CASIMIR from Ghana to our Parish.
Fr. Casimir is pursuing his doctorate in Rome and shall help at St. Joseph's and our Lady Crowned until the end of September.

The annual Holy Mass at THE HOLY ROSARY SHRINE on the Lee Road shall take place on 15th August at 7:30 PM.

Faith is first in family for Tyrone’s Peter Harte

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Pope Francis Considers It an ‘Incoherence’ That President Biden, a Catholic, Supports Abortion Rights

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Pope Francis names three women to Vatican office that recommends new bishops

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Pope Francis’ New Letter Addresses Liturgical Formation and the Beauty of the Mass

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On Sunday, July 24, 2022, the Second World Day

for Grandparents and the Elderly will

be celebrated throughout the

universal Church.

The theme chosen by the Holy Father for the occasion is

“In old age they will still bear fruit”

(Psalm 92:15)

and intends to emphasize how grandparents

and the elderly are a value and a gift both

for society and for ecclesial communities.

Fr Tom Robertson after his Ordination Mass on Saturday pictured with Cardinal Wilton Gregory, the Archbishop of Washington and Fr. Criostoir. Fr. Tom has expressed a desire to return to Saint Joseph s later on this year or early next year. Our congratulations and prayerful good wishes for his ministry as a Priest.

Fr Tom Robertson offers his first blessing.

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DIOCESE PLANS FOR PARISHES: Bishop Fintan has called meetings this month of parish representatives and clergy to discuss the future of the parishes of the diocese.

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The beautiful feast of Pentecost was abruptly ended on Sunday 5th of June in St. Francis Church in the town of Owo in Nigeria when 50 Catholic brothers and sisters were brutally killed in a shocking attack.

Let's keep them and their families in our prayers.

Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration takes place each Monday and Tuesday between the hours of 11am and 6pm.

The oldest man in the world has celebrated his 113th birthday. His name is Juan Vincente Perez Mora from Venezuela. He loves his Catholic faith and prays the rosary twice a day.

Bishop Fintan has recently visited Canada.
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Bishop Fintan has announced that he shall ordain Rev Ronan Sheehan to the Priesthood on Sunday September 18 for service in the Diocese at his home parish of Newcestown.

Rev Tom Roberson who assisted at our Holy Week Liturgies shall be ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Washington on Saturday 18 June

Let us continue to keep Deacons Ronan and Tom in our prayers at this time

The parish newsletter shall be returning in coming weeks courtesy of the Legion of Mary Praesidium. We appreciate their generosity of their time service to publish it for all of us .

Let us keep in our prayers during the month of June all those sitting for state examinations. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and inspire them.

Elderly must share life’s wisdom with the young, pope says

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Bishop Fintan celebrated Holy Mass at the Carmelite Friary in Kinsale recently to celebrate the Canonization of St. Titus Brandon's, a Dutch Carmelite who lived at the Kinsale Friary in 1935. Click Here for more details.

Pope Francis on Sunday, May 15 recognised 10 new saints of the Catholic Church during a canonization Mass in St..Peter s Square. More information can be found HERE.

This is a painting of our Mother of Good Counsel and can be seen at Saint Joseph's Church at our Lady's Altar.

Bishop Fintan first organised gathering with young people of Faith was on May 22nd
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HIGHLIGHTS after the gathering Click here for the Highlights

Synodal Pathway

In recent months a listening exercise was conducted across the diocese to prepare for a synod of the Catholic Church in Rome next year.

Click here to see the Synodal Document submitted by Diocese


KEEP ON PRAYING said Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki of the Archdiocese of Lviv in Ukraine. The Archbishop was a former private secretary to Pope Saint John Paul ii and to Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi. War does not bring any solutions he said , only destruction, suffering and lack of peace.

DIARY FROM KYIV is a daily video and podcast from a Catholic Ukranian journalist as she tells the story of life in Ukraine today. She writes " These days , I fall asleep with the rosary in my hands and the prayer Hail Mary on my lips." Read more here

A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't.
The words of a Baptist Pastor during the nineteenth century in England

Christians with 'empty nets' must return to Jesus, Pope Francis says

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  • Perhaps you’re longing for something more in your life?
  • Perhaps God is calling you to live your life as a diocesan priest?
  • Perhaps you are uncertain, but would like to learn more?

The home of Nazareth is the school where we begin with to understand the life of Jesus - the school of the Gospel.
Pope Saint Paul VI

Saint of the day:

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"Not all of us can do great things,"saint mother Teresa said, "but we can do small things with great love. "


As Padre Pio preached, “The number of times in life when we turn from the Lord and walk away is not what’s important, as long as the number of times we turn around and start following Him again is one time more than the other number.”


said Archbishop Bill Nolan as he was installed as the new Archbishop of Glasgow recently. " We seem to have lost our enthusiasm for the GOOD NEWS, and yet that s the whole purpose of the Church s existence. The Church exists to preach the GOOD NEWS!"


Former Ireland International and Birmingham City player Keith Fahey has urged YOUNG PEOPLE to keep GOD at the centre of their lives and not to be sucked in by addiction or materialism. He said that he was on a crash course of self destruction before he found his way back to God.

The future Pastoral Visits of Pope Francis Trips

Pope announces 21 new Cardinals from around the world

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Pope Francis asked that society work to stop school shootings after 19 children and two adults were killed in Texas on Tuesday. " My heart is shattered for the school tragedy. I pray for the children and adults killed and their families. "

Recently, Pope Francis said:

"Let us remember that life is a gift from God. It is always sacred and inviolable, and we cannot silence the voice of conscience ". He went on to say : "in recent years there has been a shift in the common mentality, and increasingly inclined to think that life is an asset at our total disposal, which we can choose to manipulate, give birth or let die as we please, as the exclusive outcome of an individual choice.
The remarks were made after the Archbishop of San Francisco has banned Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker in the US House of Representatives from receiving Holy Communion.

Recently Archbishop Dermot Farrell of Dublin ordained two priests for The Society of the Divine Word. During the course of his homily he said: "We need to be brave in reimagining our Church so that it will continue to inspire and support a living faith in a secularised society. "

From the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council.

Christ is always present in his Church, especially in her liturgical celebrations. He is present in the sacrifice of the Mass not only in the person of his minister, "the same now offering, through his ministry of priests, who formerly offered himself on the cross", but especially in the eucharistic species. By his power he is present in the sacraments so that when anyone baptizes it is really Christ himself who baptizes. He is present in his word since it is he himself who speaks when the holy scriptures are read in the Church. Lastly, he is present when the Church prays and sings, for he has promised "Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them."

East Cork Choral Society

East Cork Choral Society presented Handel's Messiah on November 28th last. This very successful performance raised much needed funds for the host venue, the Church of the Ascension, Gurranabraher, and St. Joseph's Church, Mayfield.

A Prayer for our Priests.

You came from among us to be, for us, one who serves. We thank you for ministering Christ to us and helping us minister Christ to each other.

We are grateful for the many gifts you bring to our community:

For drawing us together in worship,
for visiting us in our homes,
for comforting us in sickness,
for showing us compassion,
for uniting us in marriage,
for baptising our children,
for confirming us in our calling,
for supporting us in bereavement,
for helping us to grow in faith,
for encouraging us to take the initiative,
for helping the whole community realise
God's presence among us.

For our part, we pray that we may always be attentive to your needs and never take you for granted. You, like us, need friendship and love, welcome and a sense of belonging, kind words and acts of thoughtfulness.

We pray, also, for the priests who have wounded priesthood. May we be willing to forgive and may they be open to healing. Let us support one another during times of crisis.

God our Father, we ask you to bless our priests and confirm them in their calling. Give them the gifts they need to respond with generosity and a joyful heart.

We offer this prayer for our priest, Who is our brother and friend,


Justice Barrett urges Catholic school students to work hard and dream

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett said her Catholic education helped her develop a passion for reading that served as a launching pad for her future endeavors as a law student, attorney, law professor and judge.

Barrett made the comments Jan. 24 to current students at St. Catherine of Siena Elementary School in Metairie, where she graduated in 1986.

“You don’t know where your life is going to lead you,” Barrett told 650 students in the school gym, which she jokingly remarked was far better than the one she once played in.

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Start by doing what is necessary;
then do what is possible;
and suddenly,
you are doing the impossible!

St Fransis of Assisi.

Prayer during a time of pandemic

Lord Jesus, we praise you and thank you for your kindness to us. You travelled through towns and villages curing all kinds of disease and sickness. We humbly ask you now to look with compassion on your people who are suffering throughout the world as a result of the current pandemic. Heal those who are sick. May they regain their health. Welcome into your presence those who have died. Protect doctors, nurses and staff from their illnesses that they are treating. During this time of anxiety, may we find comfort in your merciful love.
May Mary, your Mother, in whom thegenerations who went before us put their trust and never in vain, watch over us with a mother's love. She knows our needs and will provide for us as she did at Cana in Galilee.
We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Bishop John Buckley.

Preaching must awaken souls, not put them to sleep, pope says.

VATICAN CITY — Preaching long, spiritually empty homilies can reduce the Word of God to a mere set of abstract concepts that fail to awaken one's soul, Pope Francis said.

"Even many homilies — I say it with respect but with pain — are abstract, and instead of awakening the soul, they put it to sleep. When the faithful start looking at their watches (and say), 'When is this going to end?', they put the soul to sleep," the pope said Jan. 24 during his Sunday Angelus address.

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Other news

  • A great friend of St Oscar Romero, Blessed Fr. Rutillio Grande SJ, was beautified on Sat in San Salvador. He was murdered while on his way to offer Holy Mass along with the Church Sacristan, Blessed Manuel Solorzano and a young 16 year old boy, Blessed Nelson Rutilio Lemus.
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  • Pope Francis has taken part in a new Netflix documentary series, "STORIES OF A GENERATION WITH POPE FRANCIS" It is about sharing the wisdom of the elderly with young people. It is divided into four themes: love,dreams,struggles and work.

Pope Francis: Learn from St. Joseph to Cultivate Silence

The Pope explained that Joseph’s silence in the Gospels did not indicate passivity. On the contrary, he said, “it is a silence full of listening, an industrious silence, a silence that brings out his great interiority.”

Speaking at the general audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall on Dec. 15, the Pope noted that the Gospels do not contain a single word spoken by the foster father of Jesus.

“Dear brothers and sisters, let us learn from St. Joseph how to cultivate spaces for silence in which another Word can emerge, that is, Jesus, the Word: that of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, that Jesus brings,” the Pope said.

The live-streamed address was the fourth in Pope Francis’ cycle of catechesis on St. Joseph. His previous addresses have explored the world in which the saint was born, his role in salvation history, and his love for the Virgin Mary.

Click here for the full article.

Cardinal Sarah calls Catholic priests to spiritual renewal in new book

In his latest book entitled "Meditations on the figure of the Priest", Cardinal Robert Sarah calls priests to spiritual renewal, saying that it will not come through structural changes, but through rediscovering the priest’s mission and identity as the presence of Christ in the world.

Structures “are also often a danger, because we take refuge behind them,“ he said. “God will not ask accounts of an episcopal conference, of a synod ... It is us, bishops, that he will hold accountable: how did you manage your diocese, how did you love your priests, how did you accompany them spiritually?”

Fr. Criostóir inducted by Bishop Fintan.

Recently, Bishop Fintan inducted Fr. Criostóir as the new Parish Priest of Saint Joseph's Parish, where he was formally presented with the keys of the church, the book of the gospels and a stole by the parishoners of the parish.
Fr. Criostóir is the sixth parish priest of Saint Josephs since it was received the status of parish by Bishop Murphy in 1981.

The other residents of the Parochial House:

Fr. Criostoir's new companion

Pope Francis: St. Joseph is protecting the Catholic Church

St. Joseph continues to protect the Catholic Church today, just like he protected the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus, Pope Francis said at a recent general audience.

“In the Gospel of Luke, Joseph appears as the guardian of Jesus and of Mary. And for this reason, he is also ‘the Guardian of the Church’”.

Quoting Patris corde, his 2020 apostolic letter on St. Joseph, he added: “If [Joseph] was the custodian of Jesus and Mary, now that he is in heaven, he works and continues to be the custodian, in this case, of the Church; ‘For the Church is the continuation of the Body of Christ in history, even as Mary’s motherhood is reflected in the motherhood of the Church. In his continued protection of the Church’ — please do not forget this: today Joseph protects the Church — ‘he continues to protect the child and his mother.’”

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Prayer to St. Joseph

Pope Francis offers this prayer every morning before Holy Mass.

Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph, whose power makes the impossible possible, come to my aid in these times of anguish and difficulty.
Take under your protection the serious and troubling situations that I commend to you, that they may have a happy outcome.
My beloved father, all my trust is in you. Let it not be said that I invoked you in vain, and since you can do everything with Jesus and Mary, show me that your goodness is as great as your power. Amen.